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hard time

Having a hard time finding a dog breeding program that does it all?

Do you use multiple software programs to effectively manage a responsible dog breeding program?  Do you need customizable reports, contracts, and documents?  Do you need the ability to email, print or save to PDF, pedigrees or other documents directly from your dog breeding software program? Do you want all of these features available in the cloud, on the go, and on multiple devices? If the answer is yes, then BreederZOOpro is for you. BreederZOOpro was designed by a breeder for breeders. BreederZOOpro manages your kennel in one all-inclusive program.  Most importantly, BreederZOOpro is designed to save breeders TIME, our most valuable asset. 


Cloud Based

Your data is safe is safe in the cloud. Your data is backed up daily


Learn how BreederZOO works!  Developed by breeders for breeders


 User friendly interface. MAC and PC friendly



Affordably priced. Get rid of Excel and Word!. All in one management!


View our manual


Comprehensive BreederZOO tutorials 


Unparalleded phone support. 


Interested in learning more! 

perks of the program


  • Works seamlessly on both Mac or PC

  • Cloud based: Work from anywhere!

  • Work from your iPhone and iPad    

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • All data is securely backed up

  • PDF and e-mail functionality

  • Professional setup and installation. 

  • Customizable contracts

  • Preventive care


  • Stud contracts

  • Heats due

  • Show records

  • Financial records

  • Mileage records

  • Track contacts, dogs, litters and puppies

  • Track income and expenses

  • Create pedigrees

  • Inbreeding coefficients

  • Trial mating coefficients

  • Heat/stud records

  • Puppy medical records

  • Manage health records/health testing

  • Generate address labels

  • Current/future puppy reservation lists

  • Store pictures and documents

  • Auto-reminders

our story


Christina Westover


As a breeder of 15 years, I found it impossible to find a dog breeding software program that did it all. I felt like I wasted a lot of time jumping from program to program trying to keep it all organized! BreederZOOpro manages your kennel in one program! Most importantly, I designed this program to be user-friendly and to save breeders TIME, our most valuable asset:)



Christy Westover
Developer – BreederZOOpro 

Jeremy Westover

After 23 years in healthcare, I hung up my stethoscope to work alongside my wife with BreederZOOpro. My goal is to provide you with excellent customer service and support as you manage your own successful breeding program. I know how valuable your time is. I am committed to a quick response and resolution to any issue or question you have. Additionally, I welcome your feedback regarding the program. Our customers drive our updates and improvements!  I look forward to working with you!

Jeremy Westover

Customer Support -- BreederZOOpro



As Low As

SAVE 30%

  • 30 day Free Trial 

  •  professional set-up 

  •  automatic program updates

  •  BreederZOOpro phone support

  •  database security

  •  you own your data  

  •  cancel anytime 


A  Revolutionary New Way to Manage
Your Dog Breeding Program. 

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